Working with a designer


Inca una din seria designers versus the world, prin bunavointa statusului de YM! al lui Emil Paun. Articolul intreg il puteti citi pe, aici o sa pun doar chestiile care mi s-au parut mie uber-interesante.

Leave your preconceived notions at the door. Don’t ask for a site like someone else’s but in a different color. Be open to new, unexpected ideas. Don’t be afraid of something different. Let new ideas sink in.”

“Tell your designer what you want to say rather than how you want it to look.”

“Make sure your message and content are clear. The more of your content you have complete, the better the designer can build your site around it.”

Design makes you feel, so tell your designer how it makes you feel. Instead of saying, “I like yellow””

Don’t design by committee. No good design was ever created by a consensus. The more people who have a voice in the process, the more watered down the results will be.”

Don’t tell your designer how to design. That’s not your area of expertise.”

“You can’t please all the people all the time. Bill Cosby said “The only sure way to failure is to try to please everybody.” If everyone thinks your site is “OK” then it’s probably too dull to get much of a reaction from anyone. If you design a site with NO personality no one will hate it. Or love it.”

Trust your designer (you are paying for their expertise).”

Truly inspiring! and in PDF

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  1. stress
    Publicat octombrie 29, 2007 la 7:10 pm | Link permanent

    eu zic ca sunt minciuni. clientilor, sa nu picati in plasa intinsa de novo…vrea sa va ameteasca de cap. :D

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