Atom/RSS Feed Reader made in .ro


Un gadget / RSS Reader pentru Windows Vista, facut de Cristian Patrasciuc (strong 3D skills too).

“A gadget that lets you get a sneak preview of your favorite feeds around the web.

All you have to do is to provide the URL to an RSS 2.0 or Atom feed. The gadget will fetch
the information from the feed and display the title and the description of each item. If
the user clicks on the title of an item, a browser will open at the corresponding link.

For a better management each gadget can be assigned a name, used by the user to quickly
identify the feed to which it corresponds. “

In caz ca nu mai tineti minte, acum cateva luni bune, a lansat si JY!Messenger, un client de YM! facut in Java.

Keep it up mate!

ps: sunt in impas, am pus 2 posturi pozitive, acum sa stric totul cu laturile gasite pe

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