8 ways to drive graphic designers MAD

8 ways to drive graphic designers MAD!

Preferatele mele:

“If the graphic designer chooses Helvetica for a font, ask for Arial. If he chooses Arial, ask for Comic Sans. If he chooses Comic Sans, he’s already half-insane, so your job’s half done.”

“Never accept the first logo. Never accept the 9th, make him do many changes, colors, fonts & clip art. Ask him to add a picture in the logo. Bevels. Gradients. Comic Sans. And when he’s at his 10th attempt, tell him that you like the 2nd one the most. I know, it’s mean but remember: graphic designers are the cause of breast cancer among middle aged women.”

“When it’s your turn to approve the design, take your time. There is no rush. Take two days. Take six. Just as long as when the deadline of the project approaches, you get back to the designer with more corrections and changes that he has time to make. After all, graphic designers are responsible for the 911 attacks.”

“And there you go. You should have graphic designer all tucked into a straight jacket in no time!”

Enjoy and remember, “graphic designers are the reason there are so many wars in this world.”

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  1. Publicat august 13, 2007 la 10:48 am | Link permanent

    damn, nu trebuia sa postezi link ul :p

  2. Publicat august 13, 2007 la 2:19 pm | Link permanent

    :-) )
    Imi place si prima din lista initiala, cea cu pozele in Word- de obicei inseamna ca nu au cunostintele de baza si ca o sa fie foooarte greu sa le explici de ce asa si nu altfel (ce este rezolutia, ce trebuie pentru print, care e raportul rezolutie/ dimensiune etc etc)…

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