Ferrari P45 by Pininfarina

Model unicat, Ferrari P45, by Pininfarina
Masina a fost prezentata la Paris, e superba, poate jentile puteau sa fie mai “organice”, separat… ruleaza, puse pe masina, i dunno, i’m not a car designer so.. enjoy the pics:
jentile sunt TARI, par ceva SF.
<3 Ferrari

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  1. Publicat iulie 18, 2007 la 7:05 pm | Link permanent

    this is a peace of shit compare to the maybach my dad has nigga

  2. jazzy
    Publicat iulie 19, 2007 la 11:29 am | Link permanent

    fuck……… that car is sexier then the women’s ass. i want 2 fuck the car plz……………………………………..

  3. Publicat iulie 20, 2007 la 9:12 pm | Link permanent

    wery wery supeeeeeeerrrrr car……

  4. CHIRAG raja
    Publicat iulie 22, 2007 la 2:13 pm | Link permanent

    i love this car it’s amazing

  5. panos
    Publicat iulie 23, 2007 la 3:40 pm | Link permanent

    Looks like a space ship

  6. wowow
    Publicat iulie 24, 2007 la 5:20 am | Link permanent

    wow stunning

  7. tha dipztik
    Publicat iulie 24, 2007 la 6:56 am | Link permanent

    i don’t give a shit what all u ppl say… this is a fkn kool ass car…

  8. 2g4u
    Publicat iulie 29, 2007 la 4:33 am | Link permanent

    i bet not one of you have a ferrari or a lamborghini just in gamesbut it is so hard to make a ferrari i would like to see you make a ferrari or buy a ferrari it cost money that i have but it is a beautiful machine and it’s still a ferrari and some of you need to learn how to spell

  9. baron
    Publicat iulie 29, 2007 la 9:36 pm | Link permanent

    the car is sooo awesome……..ilike this new design of the ferrari…………i like it so much
    every new concept of pininfarina is so perfect….!!!!!!!!! it will have a good future with this kind of designs-also its cant be like lamboghini because its FERRARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. crap
    Publicat august 2, 2007 la 2:10 am | Link permanent

    man what about the front

  11. Matthew Z. Clark
    Publicat septembrie 23, 2007 la 3:54 pm | Link permanent

    This Ferrari P45 is freakin awesome. I saw this car on display in my sister’s ex-husbands Exotic Car Dealership. Once I saw this hot looking car I feel in love with it and ever since then it has and always will be my Ultimate Dream Car. As soon as I get my first $5 million, I’m so going to have this car made for me to suit my standards, the only thing I would have different on it is the color of the exaust pipes. Ferrari and Lamborghinni will always be my passion. Long Live the Ferrari.

  12. hansolo
    Publicat septembrie 28, 2007 la 9:44 pm | Link permanent

    you are all gay FERRARI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. luke
    Publicat octombrie 13, 2007 la 12:14 pm | Link permanent

    i would rather get the bus than drive that shit around

  14. im the great x4 grandson of mr enzo ferrari
    Publicat octombrie 20, 2007 la 9:40 am | Link permanent

    my comment is that i think that this car is pretty darn good it maby a little expensive but hey thats what you get with a new state of the art super car but i agree with the other viewers about only one thing and that is that i think that the exhaust is a little out of place being like some bent verticle pipe but that the only downside to this magnificent car and i leave you with one of my great x4 grandfathers quots enzo ferrari. ‘a car is just a car and it should be nothing else’

  15. jennifor
    Publicat octombrie 20, 2007 la 9:43 am | Link permanent

    this car is like a porn you cant get enough of it

  16. jimmy
    Publicat noiembrie 21, 2007 la 9:40 pm | Link permanent


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